a device that allows you to listen 'for real' with the helmet on

The helmet significantly limits our sense of hearing to the point of not being able to detect certain dangers. A situation that the company RESONAR wants to eliminate with its new device.

“If we travel with our eyes open, why do we choose to ride a motorcycle with our ears covered?” explains the founder of RESONAR, Felipe Morales. Without a doubt, it is a very interesting question and very well formulated. If on top of the motorcycle we have to put all five senses into driving, why deprive the ears of their function? When we go at high speeds, either because of the wind or the sound of the motorcycle itself, our acoustic perception of what is happening is reduced to a minimum. And this is something that RESONATE they want to solve with a device that allows us to listen to everything that surrounds us.

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RESONATE bat 8D restores the sound capacity through two devices that are placed on the sides of the helmet, thus allowing the generation of sound from the device itself to our ear. As they explain in a statement, their technology allows sound to pass through the shell of the helmet, generating a natural sound that is capable of eliminating the turbulence caused by the wind. In this way, the main advantage of RESONAR bat 8D is to control what happens around us (in addition to sight) by locating those sounds that may pose a danger.

The two devices have been manufactured based on the shapes of the human ear that also allows its installation in all helmets on the market. They also indicate that it does not have batteries, so we understand that it will require a charge prior to use. Data such as autonomy or approval have not yet been revealed. However, from RESONAR they have indicated that they have already carried out tests, specifically with 100 traffic police officers in Colombia, ensuring that this device does not interfere with other accessories such as plugs or intercoms.

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We will have to see how and in what way this innovation can reach our country, where elements such as the aforementioned intercom still continue to pose a problem due to the legal vacuum present in the Traffic Law. Are allowed? Yes. Although a traffic officer can interpret, in accordance with the aforementioned law, that the device is not being used for navigation or communication purposes and fine you.

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