Casey Stoner: “There is too much electronics”. And return to Phillip Island with Vermeulen

The Australian champion returned to the Phillip Island track, in the company of Chris Vermeulen, and expressed himself on today's MotoGP bikes, on Ducati and Marquez

September 22, 2022

P.arla little Casey Stonerbut when he does, his remarks are often interesting and uncontaminated.

A few days ago returned to the Phillip Island track after ten years of absence. Calm, not one with a race bike, but with a quieter Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro together with Chris Vermeulen who invited him on a short trip from nearby Melbourne to the famous track that saw him win six times consecutive from 2007, the year of his world championship with Ducati, to 2012.

No.el video you find below you can listen to a nice exchange of experiences between the two former Australian MotoGP riders. TO Phillip Island it will run from 14 to 16 October next and Stoner will attend the GP, if only to meet his friend and compatriot Jack Miller; the world champion with Ducati and Honda has been linked to Borgo Panigale even after the retirement and knows his team well.

No.el podcast In The Fast Lane Stoner made some considerations on the MotoGP of today and he did not fail to criticize the increased importance of electronic management regarding the performance of the bikes. “I see this generation of pilots - was his comment - he has lost some understanding of what happens on a weekend. There are those who try to keep the tires, those who try to prepare the bike for the race, and so on. Because there is so much electronics right now. As a pilot I have always fought against my engineers to get rid of as much electronics as possible during free practice, and this for try to really understand what was happening to the bike and riding it.

“I see that today they continue to add more and more electronics to the bike. They try to correct the shape, but not the problems central. I think this is the reason why Ducati has failed in the world title over the years, regardless of whether or not they will be able to win this time around ”.

About Marc Marquez he then added that: "It will have to reinvent itself and change the way he drives. He has to think differently: it was the first thing I did when I got back to racing. During my career I learned to be fast, but taking less risk and that usually made me the fastest.

“Marquez will have to learn to ride differently and to change his position on the bike. That is, he has to adapt to the current situation, maybe brake a little earlier and less hard when you start to enter the corners and other things like that ”.

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