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In a context in which electric propulsion is making steady progress, the motorcycle It is not exempt and dozens of such models are already on the market. Nevertheless, Curtiss Motorcycles has one (Curtiss 1) that stands out from any other competitor.

This American manufacturer, based in Louisiana, has put up for sale for a few weeks an electric motorcycle that is unique. Why? Because it is almost made to measure, so each buyer can customize it to meet their particular tastes or needs.

Other Curtiss 1 Highlights

To begin with, the main quality that distinguishes Curtiss 1 from its competitors, as well as the brand, is that units are not necessarily identical. The founder and CEO Matt Chambers himself conceives it as a handmade and custom-made piece of art.

In this way, its price of 83,000 dollars implies more of an investment. In turn, the company published a documentary called "The Opposite of Death." This shows the motorcycle in detail and their respective benefits.

Also, those who have already purchased a Curtiss 1 and, of course, have used in the urban area perceive a design that provides convenience, comfort and that makes it possible to take full advantage of the mechanical operation.

A track record that supports its commitment to this new electric model

Curstiss Motorcycle is a company whose principles of manufacturing motorcycle models with their respective designs are based in Confederate Motors, the former Chamber. However, it exhibits an important evolution in the frame, fork and general structural design.

In fact, the company itself claimed that it was inspired to build the Curtiss 1 when Curtiss Motor started; that is to say, it maintains the essence and the ideas, but they have taken advantage of their ability to improve and revolutionize by determining the final structure and composition of the new electric model.

On the other hand, it is not in the plans of the brand -at least until now, of course- that the Curtiss 1 is the electric motorcycle More powerful. Notably it is a great challenge for this type of propulsion; Although it does not pollute the environment and is much quieter, there are still several difficulties to be solved. Such is so the power is not exactly what stands out the most to the new motorcyclebut its design, possibility of customization and everything described in the previous paragraphs.

Why does the Curtiss 1 offer such a comfortable ride?

The convenience and comfort of this motorcycle model is also unique. This due to at least two reasons:

  • Its dimensions make it long, robust and with little distance from the seat to the ground. The same goes for the handlebar, which is located under
  • It allows a pleasant and very comfortable driving position for people of different heights, and both for the street and for highways at higher speeds

To all this we must add the fact that, by having 100% electric propulsion, the noise during walking and accelerations is much lower. Without a doubt, Curtiss 1 is revolutionizing and marking a before and after in the world of two-wheeled vehicles. With an expensive price, but acceptable considering its characteristics, it is an excellent option for motorcycle lovers.

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