how to hibernate your motorcycle with the arrival of winter

If with the arrival of the cold you plan to park your motorcycle for a long time, you must follow a series of recommendations so that it remains in perfect condition when you pick it up again.

There are those who, with the arrival of winter, choose to store their motorcycle until the time when the good weather returns. For them, from insurer Mapfre have listed a series of recommendations that must be followed to keep your motorcycle in the best possible condition during the period in which it is going to be stored. By following these guidelines, your bike will be in perfect condition when you start it up again.

The bike has to be clean

motorcycle cleaning products

This is advice that should be applied whenever you finish riding a motorcycle, but it is especially important if it is going to be stored for a long time. If the bike is clean, we will be avoiding that the dirt itself can corrode the fairings or the different plastic parts that it may have. Be careful, if you have washed it, wait for it to dry to prevent the remains of water from affecting the wiring.

grease the chain

In the same way as cleaning, we should check the condition and lubrication of the chain at each start, although the manufacturers specify its maintenance between 500 and 1,000 km. It does not matter if you have checked it recently, if your bike is going to be 'in the shade' for a long period of time, oil the chain. To do a good cleaning, the first thing to do is apply a chain degreaser. Once all sections are clean, we apply the spray on the inside of the chain just before passing through the crown so that it is distributed throughout the transmission kit.

Cover it with a cover

59012007000motoktmeprotective coveroutdoors

All of the above is useless if you do not cover your motorcycle correctly. If it is in the garage, it may be worth it with a blanket, old sheets... but what is recommended is a waterproof cover that protects the motorcycle against moisture and dust. Likewise, the cover, in addition to being waterproof, has to be breathable to prevent gasoline gases from remaining concentrated.

It must be emphasized that the place where you keep it must be fresh and dry. If you store the motorcycle in a parking lot, we recommend that you block its access with a car or, if not, put an anti-theft device on it to keep your peace of mind.

With a full tank, with exceptions...

It is advisable to leave the motorcycle with a full tank to avoid the appearance of oxidation inside the tank itself and deposits at the bottom. Be careful, this will be worth it for a period of approximately three months, since from that date the gasoline begins to lose properties (lower octane) and that can lead to problems for the engine. If the period in which the motorcycle is stopped is 6 to 8 months, that gasoline will not work. You must empty the tank, clean it thoroughly and fill it with new gasoline.

The importance of antifreeze with the arrival of cold

In the same way as happens with gasoline, if we don't change the oil, the metallic impurities that derive from the friction due to the operation of the engine will be stored in the block, even getting to solidify and causing major problems when the bike is restarted.

Clean the air filter

air filter 1

Its review and maintenance is so simple that we can do it ourselves. After taking it out, a wash with warm soapy water It will ensure you remove all the remains of dirt accumulated in the filter itself. To dry it, you can use a compressed air gun.

Disconnect the battery

It is a very easy step, but one that is often forgotten by many. It is best to remove the battery, although it is also worth disconnecting it. In the first case, you have to leave it clean, make sure to leave the terminals greased and periodically check its charge level. You can do this with one of the many portable chargers on the market.

Check tire pressure

front pressure tires

If you can (and you have them), leave the bike on some stands It is the best solution to avoid the deformation of the tires when they are supported in the same position. In the case of not having them, we recommend you inflate them above normal. Specifically, half or 1 kg more pressure on top so that the shell deforms less.

As a last step, Protect metal parts with a spray of lubricating oil or rub with clean motor oil to leave a thin film. In this way we will prevent them from rusting. As for plastics and rubber, use a silicone-based synthetic spray to prevent them from drying out during hibernation.

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