Kawasaki launches the ZX-4R?

We already talked a lot about the new Kawasaki ZX-4R or also known as the 4-cylinder 400cc Ninja, we have been telling you the -few- news that are emerging, but until today nothing was known about its launch date. Okay, the Japanese firm gave us the carrot a long time ago and we went after it.

It turns out that Kawasaki Indonesia released a teaser video of just 30 seconds where it announces the official presentation of a new model on October 1, and in it we can see the acronym ZX. Will be talking about the new ZX-4R? Hopefully anxiety doesn't play tricks on us and we finally meet this Ninja.

In the video there is no image of the motorcycle itself and there is only text, but in the background you can hear an exhaust roaring at high revs which, combined with the acronym that appears on the screen, means only one thing in our heads: Ninja 400.

How did we get here? It all started in mid-2021 with a patent revealed by Kawasaki on a 4-cylinder engine similar to the Ninja ZX-25R but with a higher capacity. From there, the desire of the fans was revolutionized.

It later came to light with the new homologation patent confirming the fact that the engine was already ready, and some details of this new bike are already known. For example, according to this information revealed by Motosaigon, Akashi's new motorcycle would mix the design of the Kawasaki ZX-10R with the chassis of the ZX-25R and some extra improvements to please all customers with this Ninja ZX-4R.

That same day we also learned that the new Kawasaki would have a much more contained power than we thought, with just 64.1 hp at 13,000 rpm as opposed to the expected 80 hp. He would also lower his pair, offering only 39.2 Nm at 10,000 rpm. But everything took on more relevance when Young Machine got into the talk.

Some months ago, the Japanese medium that when he says something is usually right, claimed to have witnessed the test of a Ninja 400 with a 4-cylinder in-line engine. That YM publication about this model clarifies that "although the sighting was from a long distance, the test bike had an overall silhouette very similar to the ZX-25R, but the obviously larger front brake and exhaust system had a separate muffler turned to the right side«, instead of showing the manifold below the engine like the 250 model. In addition, it ensures that "The sound of the exhaust was definitely an in-line four, but the sound quality was different from the ZX-25R and ZX-6R".

Looks like the wait is over in just a few days we will finally meet the new Kawasaki Ninja, which had us waiting for its launch for so long. But beware, it is not confirmed that this is the model to be presented and, if so, we still do not know for which markets it will be intended or when it will go on sale. To keep waiting until the end of October.

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