MV Agusta is not going through its best moment. Sales worldwide are below the established minimums, and the salvation that the entry of Russian investments meant did not pay off as expected. And this is where KTM comes in: He wants to be the main shareholder of the Italians for next year and manage the entire firm by 2024.

The plan has an objective divided into two edges. The main one is to distribute MV Agusta products all over the world, to improve sales and take them to such levels that they allow us to get out of the bad moment, and another is to have your sights set on MotoGP.


    market movement

    a very short time ago, MV Agusta and KTM signed an agreement so that the Austrians take charge of distributing the motorcycles of Varese by Canada, Mexico and the United Statesbut this would only be the first step in KTM's ambitions to take full control of the Varese firm.

    The idea is to get the majority of shares in the company next year, which would allow the orange giant to reach full control of MV in 2024. The situation would be similar to what Husqvarna went through: both the production of the motorcycles and the MV Agusta brand image would remain intact. and everything would remain the same, except for the distribution of the models on a world scale.

    MotoGP as a medium-term goal

    It is already known to all that Suzuki will leave MotoGP from 2023. KTM, don't waste time, is already working for MV Agusta to take its place and thus have control of two factories in the premier category of motorcycling. Yes indeed, the development of the Austrian and Italian motorcycles for the World Championship must be totally independent each other, although that is not a problem.

    The Italian brand continues to be one of the most successful in MotoGP with 18 championships, the first harvested in 1956 and the remaining 17 obtained consecutively from '58. With such a resume, it is logical that a company like KTM would be interested in reinsert it into the maxima place that should never have left.

    MV Agusta in Moto2

    Since 2019, the Italian firm has returned to competition by confirming its participation in the World Cup in the second category from that same season. He does it with his acquaintance F2, the bike that was prepared in 2018 and ready to race since 2019. It was the first time since 1976 that MV Agusta was entered in the list of participants of the world championship since retiring due to financial difficulties at the end of the 1976 season. Currently, David Sanchis (Spain) and Simone Corsi (Italy) are its two drivers in the category.

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