Marquez. It is a short step from the swimming pool to the slope

The workouts are proceeding quickly, so much so that the hope is to see Marc on the track already at the end of the summer. Just a dream?

August 4, 2022

P.More than a progress diary, Marquez's seems like a countdown. The workouts, more and more targeted and intensive, do not have the flavor of a recovery but of a return ... timed. Despite Marc posted a photo with Muhammad Ali's quote "Don't count the days, make the days count"the feeling is that he is biting the brake and can't wait to get in the saddle.

TOn the ninth week of training the Spanish champion does not hide the joy of returning to the pool. A sign that the recovery is proceeding within the established times and modalities. Marc constantly updated fans and enthusiasts who were able to follow Marc's progress.

S.These are all encouraging signs that give hope, especially to Honda, to have him back in the tests scheduled for September. It would be a very important signal and the team and rider could test their form in relative tranquility, certainly without the pressures of a GP.

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