Maverick Vinales: "Too much pressure when I was a child"

The 77th episode of #atuttogas is dedicated to the Aprilia rider, who in the last GP in Holland won his first podium with the Italian bike. Maverick talks about sports and private aspects: 20 minutes to listen to

August 5, 2022

Un extraordinary talent, one of those drivers capable of making a difference. But also fragile in some respects, not very consistent in its results. Maverick Vinales, 27 years old in December, is one of those riders who are difficult to pin down: something more is always expected from him. But with the Aprilia he could have found the right environment - in addition to a competitive bike - to make the decisive leap in quality. He is the protagonist of the 78th episode of #atuttogas.

“Could I have won more? Yes. Why didn't I succeed? Difficult to understand ”thus begins the very pleasant chat with Maverick, the first rider who could manage to win a race with three different bikes in MotoGP.

"For real?" He asks not knowing the statistics. "From goosebumps".

C.ome from goosebumps is the story of his childhood.

“I have always been a very happy child, I loved playing, I did all sports. I've always been very competitive and I believe I always will be. As for the two wheels, I started with motocross: I never thought I'd get this far. I have had so much pressure on me: now that I have a baby I understand this better. If I went back, I'd play a little more ".

In the podcast, Maverick talks about how much the birth of Nina has changed his life, what kind of dad he is, and then goes back to talking about MotoGP. "It has become very difficult, from the outside it is difficult to understand all the work behind a race". We talk about the first time on the Aprilia ("I was nervous, but I immediately understood the potential of the bike"), the environment he found inside the garage, the objectives, the difficulties in adapting, Aleix Espargaro ("for me I don't is a surprise"). Vinales does not like to talk about his experience in Yamaha, but in the podcast he tells a very interesting aspect of his years with the Japanese manufacturer.

With Maverik we also analyze how the relationship between the riders has changed over the years ("before there was much more rivalry"), and then move on to penalties ("there must be fairness between the punishments inflicted in Moto3 and MotoGP, can do different ").

Can Maverick Vinales win a GP with Aprilia as early as 2022? The answer in the 78th episode of #atuttogas, online at and on the main podcast platforms starting from Sunday 7 August.

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