MotoGP 2022. British GP at Silverstone, Aleix Espargaro: "Here we lose too little with the long lap penalty"

The Aprilia rider is not controversial, but highlights an important aspect: "I have nothing against Quartararo and I shouldn't be talking about it, but on this track the penalty seems like a joke: a few tenths are lost". On Vinales: "He's like a brother to me"

August 5, 2022

S.ilverstone - Round and round, with Aleix Espargaro there is a lot of talk about the penaltyof the "long lap penalty" which will have to serve Fabio Quartararo Sunday. Aleix answers the questions, does not make controversy, but clearly expresses the concept of him.

“I would not want to be the one to talk about the long lap penalty, because in some way I am a party to the dispute, given that Fabio Quartararo, my direct rival in the standings, will have to do it on Sunday. However it seems like a joke: here you lose a few tenths, at most 0 "8 ... I like the long lap penalty as a penalty, it seems well thought out and spectacular, but it should be make sure that at least three seconds are lost, as happens for example in Barcelona. I can understand if on a track you are penalized by the long lap for a second and a half, but this is really too little: Miller has shown that you can fight for the podium even if you have to take the penalty I have nothing against Fabio (the two are friends, NDA), but we have to make sure that everything is a little more homogeneous: we have to talk about it in the Safety Commission, here the difference with the other tracks is too great "

P.Let's talk about the day today: Vinales seems very fast, could there be some team orders?

“Maverick and I are working together: he is really willing to help me. For example: today he was in front of me and was pushing very hard to show me where I could be faster. And we compared our telemetry. For me he is like a brother: he wants Aprilia to win this title. They are all with me inside the garage, I am really happy about this. But on Sunday everyone will have to do their own race, we don't need to think about strategies right now, it's too early to do so. Working together on Fridays and Saturdays is already a great help for me "

The RS-GP seems competitive here too: what are your feelings?

“The new fairing (the one that debuted in Germany, NDA) also looks effective at Silverstone. In addition, we have taken a step forward in the rear lowering: usually I don't use it very often, but on this track I use it in many places because it makes the bike more stable. Thanks to the lowering device you can use almost all the engine power, while only a few years ago it reached a maximum of 70% "

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