MotoGP 2022. Dovizioso: brave or cowardly choice? #lanotiziainprimafila [VIDEO]

The Yamaha rider said enough, he won't even finish the season: in Misano his last race in the world championship. A choice dictated by frustration at the lack of results: he did well or badly, just close early or should he have reached Valencia?

August 4, 2022

S.ilverstone - Dovizioso-Yamaha, a failed marriage. And it is precisely the lack of results that led Andrea to close the contract early: the driver announced it at a press conference today at Silverstone.

He will run three more races - Great Britain, Austria and San Marino - then he will hang up his helmet, at least the speed one, to continue dedicating himself to motocross as he did in 2021, before returning to the track with the Yamaha, the bike of his dreams.

Unfortunately for Dovi the reality was very different, only Fabio Quartararo manages to be competitive with the M1 and Andrea has never finished in the ten. So, ultimately, was he right to say enough or should he have finished the season anyway? This is the topic of #lanotiziainprimafila.

How do you think?

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