MotoGP 2022. From Le Mans to Sachsenring to Mugello, the ranking of public attendances in the top 10 GPs

How many spectators were there in the first 10 GPs? After Ezpeleta's dig at Mugello, a comparison of the numbers of people present: two grands prix promoted, another four rejected

June 21, 2022

M.entre in Italy Ezpeleta's words and the reply of the mayor of Mugello cause discussions in Germany the media applaud the successful of the Grand Prix at the Sachsenring. In three days they arrived on the German track 232,202 spectators, divided as follows: Friday 50,786, Saturday 86,202 and Sunday 95,214. The 232 thousand people present at the second Sachsenring Speedweek represent a record.

For Speedweek much of the success is also due to shows around the event engines that are gone well beyond the 3 days of competitions. The Racing Festival started a week earlier free practice sessions on Friday with motor-themed summer cinema. Not only that, the Ankerberg campsite it was open from Monday and in the following days those nearby were also full. On Wednesday evening on the road that connected the circuit to the city center of Hohenstein-Ernstthal, numerous were opened beer kiosks.

And then live music while the side events during the day on the track included the Red Bull races, Aras Freestyle acrobatic shows and the historic Motodrome on the steep wall as well as the exhibition of historic racing bikes “powered by Motul”.

In short many collateral eventsas to Le Manswhere the public was not lacking this year.

It seems crystal clear that as well as many large screens for the spectators, a very good one broadcasting of commentaryit is necessary to build around tests and races a real one parallel festivalwhich winks at the engines but also has moments of pure sociability and fun with concerts, events and recreational places.

Let's go now and see how they went, at the public levelthe 10 GPs so far disputed.


    The ranking

    THE data that we report on the 10 gp only refer to the attendances there Sunday. The data of 2019 (i.e. pre-Covid pandemic) are also compared with those of 2022, in order of presence:

    1- Le Mans: 110 thousand spectators (104 thousand in 2019, previous record 105 thousand)

    2- Sachsenring: 95 thousand (previous years data not available)

    3 -Argentina: 67 thousand (64 thousand, 64 thousand)

    4- Indonesia: 63 thousand (first GP in Indonesia)

    5- Barcelona: 60 thousand (91 thousand, 113 thousand)

    6- Jerez: 58 thousand (75 thousand, 132 thousand)

    7- Mugello: 43 thousand (83 thousand, 100 thousand)

    8- Portimao: 43 thousand (from 2020)

    9- Qatar: 6 thousand (14 thousand, 14 thousand)

    10- Texas: data not available for 2022 (47 thousand, 61 thousand)

    The improved GPs compared to 2019: Le Mans and Argentina.

    Those got worse: Barcelona, ​​Jerez, Qatar and Mugello.

    These are the numbers, the causes so there have been increases and decreases in the public multiple.

    As for the circuits where spectators have decreased: the cost of tickets, the uncertainty due to the Covid pandemic still in progress, the abandonment of Valentino Rossi, few collateral events to the races.

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