MotoGP 2022. Japanese GP in Motegi. Aleix Espargaro: "I'm thinking about the title, but no pressure"

The Aprilia rider arrives at Motegi with the awareness of being able to play it: “The podium at Aragon was excellent, there is the possibility of recovering 17 points, the championship is still long. In Misano, in the tests, we improved in braking: we should be competitive here too "

September 22, 2022

THEhe podium of Aragon has galvanized Aleix Espargaro: “Yes, it was a very important result, one that gives confidence. Also because he arrived after two rather difficult races and, above all, after two crashes in practice. I arrive here very loaded ".

The Aprilia rider is down to -17 points: he believes in the title.

“There is the desire and time to recover, the championship is still long, we must not get caught up in the frenzy. Each race will give us an answer, will make us understand if and how much we can push "

Do you feel the pressure for the title?

“At the beginning of the season, when I won and took many consecutive podiums (four, NDA) I felt more pressure, because I began to understand that it was possible to fight for the title. Now, however, I'm much more relaxed "

TOprilia has some problems under braking: could it be a limitation on this track?

“I'm not too worried: in the Misano tests we took a step forward in this respect. Plus, Motegi is a circuit I like. But it will be a complicated weekend, considering that it could rain "

Is Enea in or out of the title challenge?

“He certainly has great speed, but it won't be easy. Then, we'll have to see what Ducati will do… Potentially he can fight for the title because he's fast, but he's far away "

In 2019, there was no lowering device: do you think it can affect the race a lot?

“Looking back at the 2019 race, I saw that the bikes reared up a lot: with the lowering device you can use more power. I believe that the chiller will be used at least 5-6 times per revolution. It will be quite complicated "

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