MotoGP 2022. Japanese GP in Motegi. Enea Bastianini: "Team orders? I know you are interested"

It comes from the victory in Aragon ("the best weekend ever") and he is aware that for the championship the game is mathematically open but difficult. The Gresini team rider explained the situation between the Ducati bikes

September 22, 2022

Andnea Bastianini has won 4 times this year: 3 in the spring and once at the end of the summer. Yet in the statements on Thursday at Motegi you reiterated that during the summer it took a big step forward though not sure what happened.

It sure is improved in qualifying and perhaps he assimilated, a unconscious level and during the July break, some automatisms which allow him to be more consistent over the three days of the race weekend.

The journalists in the conference insisted on the issue of team orders, given that Pecco Bagnaia is only 10 points behind Fabio Quartararo ...

"In the last part of the championship we will see if I have any team orders, at the moment there aren't any and in any case it doesn't worry me. I know it's a big issue, and that you media push hard on this but the truth is that it is very calm and positive, there are no team orders, we will see that it will happen in the future. I continue to give 100% to be fast, and that's it "

Do you think you can still win the championship?

"Honestly, I have few chances but there are, and I have to try always giving my best"

S.ul weekend of Aragon ...

"I am very happy with Aragon, probably one of the best weekends of my life"

Prospects for the Japanese GP ...

"Motegi is a beautiful track, with as many strong braking as I like, but I've never ridden a MotoGP here and it will be tough. I'll use the Fp1 to learn, even from the most experienced riders."

We haven't run here since 2019, since before the Covid pandemic ...

"From 2019 to today the bikes have changed a lot, there is more aerodynamics and there is also the lowering. But I'm ready"

H.I said you improved a lot in the summer break, how did it happen?

"I don't know honestly, but it's true that after the summer break I'm more explosive than before. Of course I had won three races before but I wasn't consistent, especially in qualifying. The bike then helped me to be even more competitive in qualifying too."

In Japan it could rain (there was also a very strong typhoon), how do you prepare for a wet race?

"In the wet you have to prepare mentally and the corners have to be done very smoothly, but I'm not very fast in the wet ... yet! (Laughs)"

Bastianini was portrayed with Tatsu Suzuki in the kimono. Enea loves Japan very much ...

"I like the track and the public, people laugh a lot here and it's important. The typical kimono shoes are very strange but I like the kimono!"

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