MotoGP 2022. Japanese GP in Motegi. Fabio Quartararo: "We have shown that we are competitive everywhere"

The world champion says he has recovered physically, he appears calm beyond the classification and the possibility of rain: “In Aragon it went badly, but we have shown that we can be competitive anywhere. I have a bit of pain, but riding the bike shouldn't be a problem "

September 22, 2022 always, Fabio Quartararo keeps the calm: if it's worriedas it would be legitimate that it was, it hides very good. After all, as he had said even before Aragon, nothing would change, the mood cannot change the technical situation.

"Today, finally, for the first time I went back to training after the accident: I have a little bit of pain all over, but I don't think it's a problem to ride the bike. We will understand it better in FP1 ”.

What do you think about Motegi, can it put you in trouble?

“Actually, I think we have shown that we can be competitive anywhere: I was competitive in Aragon too, but my race ended too soon. As a step we are always effective, but the problem of overcoming clearly remains "

What if it rains?

“For the moment I don't worry. In 2019 it was raining when I finished second: there is usually a lot of grip here: the more there is, the better it is for us. There are no reasons to fear a wet race "

How do you see it for the championship?

"There are three of us in 17 points, this leads us to push very hard: it is useless to make calculations"

C.with only 10 points of advantage, change your strategy?

"No. I always give my best, as I learned to do in 2020, when I was always happy even when I earned only one point: then, at the end of the championship, I was 30-40 points from the top, but I was still trying to win the races. Now my advantage has reduced, but my mentality has not changed "

Do you think Bastianini can be considered fighting for the title?

“He is a great rider, one who is very strong, but missing only five races, I think he doesn't have that many possibilities. Of course, if the three of us make mistakes, he can also come back, but I don't think he can be considered in the fight for the title. He is certainly a rival for the GPs "

The last time we raced here, there was no "lowering": will it affect the GP a lot?

“Yes, it will change a lot, it will be used more than once during a lap, of course if it is dry. I think we will go much faster than in 2019, because everything has improved: bikes, riders, tires. The lowering device can make a difference in dry conditions "

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