MotoGP 2022. Japanese GP in Motegi. Pecco Bagnaia: "I don't want help, I have to deserve the victory"

At -10 from the top, the Ducati rider is very energized, aware of his strength and that of his bike: “Motegi is one of my favorite tracks, my bike is very competitive. I don't think about the title, but it can be done well. Bastianini is right for him to compete "

September 22, 2022 -91 to -10 in five GPs: Pecco Bagnaia is in great shapeaccording to many the favorite for the title, although he, of course, does not want to talk about the world championship.

"I'm very happy to be here: Japan is one of mine favorite places. And the track is one of those I like the most: I think it suits our bike very well "

Is it fair to say that Ducati is the bike to beat?

“Yes, the Ducati is the most complete bike, but we also saw what happened in Austria. The weather is uncertain, we need to be good at making the right decisions, work well from the first round "

Do you think you are doing well in the league?

“I don't think about it, as I've been doing since the summer break, I only think about race by race. The possibility is there, but there are still 10 points to recover "

T.the aspects that Ducati asks to play as a team?

“I don't want any order, I want to win because I deserve it, not because someone lets me pass. However, it's not a decision that depends on me, I just think about being as strong as possible "

Can Bastianini be considered in the fight for the title?

“Enea is one of the most talented riders on the grid: I'm sure he'll try to finish in the top three at the end of the championship. He is 48 from the top and 38 from me: it is clear that he is a bit far, but I too have recovered a lot of points in the last few races: so he is not completely out of the game "

Can the lowering device change the race?

"In 2019 Ducati was already doing its first tests, for us it is not completely new ... This is one of the tracks where it can make a difference, like in Austin and Austria".

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