MotoGP 2022. Japanese GP in Motegi. Will Ducati play as a team this time?

In Misano and Aragon, Enea Bastianini tried in every way to beat Francesco Ba-gnaia: what will he do at Motegi? And what should the Borgo Panigale company do? The feeling is that there will be no team orders here either: Pecco does not want them and is able to do it alone

September 22, 2022

No.n 2007, Loris Capirossi won the race and Casey Stoner finished sixth: an involuntary team game that handed the title to the Australian Ducati rider. Today the situation is very different: then, Stoner didn't need any help, while Bagnaia could have an advantage if Bastianini didn't try to beat himas he has done in the last two races.

That said, team play would almost be a must. But Stoner and Capirossi were teammates while Bastianini runs for the Gresini team: it is true that Enea is under Ducati contract and in 2023 he will be in the factory team, but Nadia Padovan's Gresini team is right to aim for the maximum with its driver, who, among other things, can still theoretically win the title.

Pecco was very clear: "I don't want help, I want to win because I deserve it, not because someone lets me pass ”. Enea was a little more timid in his response, but always quite clear: "I will do my race".

I believe that it is not yet time for Ducati to play a “blatant” team game, which would only lead to criticism from fans, with damage to the image of Ducati itself and of Bagnaia. That's why I say that the drivers will be advised not to take too many risks, as has been done in the last few races, but without any obligation on the part of Bastianini.

This is the topic of today's #lanotiziainprimafila. What's your opinion?

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