MotoGP 2022. Marc Marquez announces the return! Right moment or yet another gamble?

The Spanish rider spoke to the official MotoGP website explaining various aspects of his situation, from how he feels to when he thinks about returning to the track and the race and the positive news is that he shouldn't wait until 2023, his goal for the come back in

August 12, 2022

S.only two days ago we published statements by Marc Marquez in which the Spaniard said of do not rush back to the track.

But speaking with the official site Marquez has revealed what his goal is for the back on trackindicating two specific races: "My goal main and realistic is trying to run, this year, the last two races or maybe just Valencia ".

93 spoke from his gym in Madrid and took stock of the situation between physical and technical aspects. Here are some main phrases from the interview that will be released today (Friday) and that we will integrate as soon as possible.


    A few phrases from the Marc Marquez interview

    "Step by step, I start to feel better. The most important thing is that the bone is healing the right way."

    "I've been waiting for this feeling for a long, long time."

    "I am talking a lot with Santi and my team to try to take care of 2023. I'll be in Austria for some important meetings on the future. "

    “At the end of August I have another medical check-up, it's true. If all goes well, I will be able to increase with rehabilitation ".

    "Last time I cut too much, now I want to be involved in everything, so I will know all the information, even the freshest, when I get back on the bike."

    "Before getting on next year's bike I will have to do at least one race".

    "Pecco is and will be one of the main contenders for the title ".

    "Fabio needs help from Yamaha. She is going very fast, but fighting without speed on the straights is difficult. "

    "We have to change something in the team and on the bike to have something more competitive for next year."

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