MotoGP 2022. Marc Marquez reassures his fans: "I'm inspired by Nadal"

With a letter addressed to fans and issued by Honda, Marc updates us on his recovery after the operation on his right humerus and on how he got to this point. The moment is difficult, between the doubt that his arm will really return to its place and the hope of coming back strong

June 29, 2022

La letter is long and even intimate, Marc reconstructs what happened in the last year, but focuses mainly on his state of mind today, on how he spends his days. Since last September he knew that maybe a fourth operation would be needed: the bone had not healed completely, since the beginning of the season he realized he had big limits, but he decided to hide the problem to defend themselves from the curiosity of the press and fansonly the team (with Honda) was aware of the situation.

The surgery in the United States surprised him in time: The postoperative period was very fast, they discharged him immediately, while the preparation was planned well in advance.

“Before the operation I was in a very good mood, but in the following hours I felt worse, from the anesthesia and from the pain. I had a hard time for two or three days, but since it wasn't the first time my arm had been operated on and I already knew what it would be like, I was aware that the pain was normal and would subside later. Now I feel pretty good, there is no pain. I still have my arm immobilized and I am doing light passive mobility exercises. I feel motivated, because the feeling is good and I am excited to start recovery as soon as the doctors tell me, to see if my arm is working as it should ”.

The moment for Marc Marquez is by no means easy. You can imagine how it must feel, between anguish and doubt. He speaks expressly of hope.

“My current feeling is one of hope. I hadn't seen myself riding the bike for a long time, maybe a year or two, but after the intervention in Rochester I found the hope of being able to continue to compete without pain and have fun on the bike ”.

Now, in the sixth week an x-ray will be taken, according to which the path of recovery will be defined. Until then Marc has little to do: he gets up early, takes an hour and a half on foot, then tries to keep himself busy with team calls and staying with family or at home. In the afternoon some gentle work on the lower body and left arm. But he thinks a lot and doesn't lose heart.

“Sometimes -confess Marc- I stop to think about the motivation; in my case, the only conclusion I reach is that my motivation comes from passion and enthusiasm, which has remained the same for more than ten years. All this also pushes me to think about the goal, which is to have fun and compete at a good level, without suffering or feeling pain ".

Marc is not alone, he is supported by Alex Crivillé, who has experienced something similar, by Alberto Puig and Mick Doohan. They are the people who recommended it the most. And then there is also Rafa Nadal, who is an example for him.

"Even when people thought it was over, Nadal was able to overcome the pain and win again. I was with him at the Madrid Masters 1000. I know everything he suffered and that's why he is a point of reference for me, because even when he's not at his best he is capable of winning tournaments like Roland Garros. I remember at a press conference he admitted that the pain changed his mood, and I understand that. Before saying goodbye, I want to thank you once again for the support I receive from all of you. I promise that I will do everything possible to compete again and enjoy the good times together ”.

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