MotoGP 2022. Toprak Razgatlioglu tests the M1 but watch out for Yamaha: you could lose the Turk in 2024 ... he says so himself!

The World Superbike champion tests MotoGP today in Aragon: prize or final exam? Whatever the situation is, it's paradoxical with Jarvis saying "come to MotoGP" but at the same time he can't make him come. And the manager then ...

June 21, 2022

It is difficult to understand what to expect from testing that today Toprak Razgatlioglu is planning in Aragon with the Yamaha M1 of MotoGP. It is difficult especially because in 2023, when the Turk will have 27 years oldwe will not see him in the world championship but still in Superbike. Yes because, as is well known, Yamaha has no official free saddles (Quartararo plus Morbidelli) and no longer has the satellite team (but Toprak didn't want to go there anyway).

Yet the Turkish speaking with Speedweek winked at his arrival in MotoGP, whether he is in Yamaha or elsewhere ... there is great interest in this 1996 rider, both on the part of professionals and enthusiasts.

At the moment, however, we are in paradoxical situation where Lin Jarvis says "I advise him to come in MotoGP as soon as possible "and at the same time can't make it come as early as next year. It could be the 2024 the good yeareven more so if Franco Morbidelli will continue to trudge on the M1 as it does now. The contract of the 2020 vice-champion of the world in fact expires at the end of 2023.


    What does the Aragon test represent with MotoGP? go back to Razgatlioglu. The Aragon test with MotoGP it's a prize for the World Superbike victory or a baccalaureate exam to enter the world championship university?

    Maybe both.

    Razgatlioglu made some statements to Speedweek: "The test is positive for me and Yamaha can see my potential. Riding a MotoGP for the first time is definitely good for me, whether I like it or not ”.

    The Turk then has explained Why he only wants to race in an official team: “I got to know the MotoGP paddock in 2013 and 2014 when I raced in the Red Bull Rookies Cup. Even then I saw how important it is to have the right team. We need an official team to get good results. Maybe it will be for 2024 ".

    Eye Yamaha, Toprak looks around ...

    S.ulle differences between Sbk and MotoGP: "In MotoGP you have to drive a higher cornering speedsSuperbike is more stop-and-go. I assume that the MotoGP bike is something completely different, a superbike is a street bike. MotoGP is fast, the electronics are different. Let's see how my driving style fits ”.

    Then one series of compliments to Marc Marquez: “Marquez's style is quite similar to mine. He has always driven very aggressively, just like I like him. Before the injuries of the last two years, he drove amazingly. He was the first to have this style. He slipped a lot, he risked falling often, his style was fantastic. Quartararo, on the other hand, drives like clockwork. Maybe this is the style you need in MotoGP today, I don't know. "

    The manager Kenan Sofuoglu announced that he will negotiate with all the MotoGP producers interested in Toprak for 2024: "For me all the motorbikes in the MotoGP and Superbike world championship are good - the Turkish driver underlined - my job is to ride well. Kenan's job is to find me the right place for that".

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