MotoGP 2022. UK GP at Silverstone, Aleix Espargaro and the overtaking of Assen as muse: "I regard him and ..."

The Aprilia rider went blond and relaxed during these weeks off. At Silverstone he said he was excited for the resumption of the world championship where he is fighting for the title, a handful of points behind Quartararo

August 4, 2022

C.he Aleix Espargaro both a candidate to win the world championship they say it the numbers but also the amazing things he does on the track, like that overtaking, or rather overtaking!

And he himself, on Thursday at Silverstone admitted that "he had seen the race and overtaking at Assen many times and they gave me a lot of inspiration ".

In short, in the summer break in which he went blond and had fun driver number 41 also focused on being there: "Assen gave me very charged because I have shown that I can be fast, and I have shown it first and foremost to myself. Now I'm more motivated than ever and I recharged the batteries. It will be an intense challenge for the championship and let's see if I can do it".

S.ulla first race of 2023 which will not be in Qatar but in Portimao ...

"Qatar is always special because it runs at night and with the moon but it also runs well in Portimao"

On the penalty inflicted on Quartararo after the Assen accident ...

"I agree with Fabio who does not understand the penalty that has been imposed on him, I also agree on the fact that there have been more aggressive riders this year and that they have not been sanctioned. I do not think, however, that the penalty of Fabio is so heavy, I don't think the Llp can affect him, he has to do it within three laps and it also depends on how the group will be. Anyway Silverstone is a race where you can overtake. "

On Dovizioso's retirement (courageous or cowardly choice, Zam asks himself) ...

"It is difficult to stop for a year and then resume in this MotoGP. For me and for us at Aprilia it is a point of reference, I hope he can do good races"

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