MotoGP 2022. UK GP at Silverstone, Maverick Vinales: "The goal is very clear: Aprilia wants to win"

Very energized and determined, Maverick is still not satisfied with his RS-GP, beyond third place: “There is still a lot of work to be done: from this point of view, the result is positive, because we are fast even though we are not yet at place. Me, Aleix and our teams must work together "

August 5, 2022

S.ilverstone - It was understood yesterday that Maverick Vinales he is very loaded and ready for this GP, which in his head he scored with a red circle: opportunity to be exploited.

“The position is quite good, which is why we are happy, but we still have a lot of work ahead of us to get the bike right. For this I am satisfied: although we are not yet perfectly centered, we are in front ”.

TOleix is ​​fighting for the title, do you have a strategy?

“The strategy is always the same, try to stay in the top positions. Aprilia's main objective is to win as much as possible between now and the end of the season: both Aleix and I want to try to take advantage of all the opportunities to get as high as possible. We have to work hard, the two teams have to be very close, we have to work together to improve all aspects of the bike. It is important that both riders are fast: if you have difficulty in one point and your partner is competitive he can be of help for both of you. We must respect ourselves as much as possible. I believe we can motivate each other "

Is there already a vision for the race?

“Push like a beast! I believe that Aleix must continue to attack, we must not think about strategies. We are a great team and we have great potential: we have to work with great serenity and calm, but with great determination. And the goal is very clear: Aprilia wants to win "

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