MotoGP 2022. UK GP at Silverstone, Pecco Bagnaia does not look Fabio Quartararo in the face: "Unjust penalty but we must take advantage of it"

The Ducati rider spoke at the press conference on Thursday at Silverstone after the 5-week break: "If I want to have a chance, I have to finish the races where I can't win."

August 4, 2022 victories in the last six races but also as many falls. He was a Pecco Bagnaia from all-or-nothing in the first part of the season and is aware that in this way the world championships are not won: "If I want to have a chance to win the championship I have to also be able to finish races, you can't always win. We will have to be competitive, however, by also completing the races "he said in the press conference on Thursday at Silverstone, the first GP after the 5 weeks of breaks between June and July.

"I'm glad to be back, five weeks is longlast year here at Silverstone I was competitive until the race, I think this year I'll be more competitive from the start. "

What do you think of Portimao first race in 2023 instead of Qatar?

"Well it is always said that true values ​​can be seen in Europe ... We'll see if starting from Europe something will change compared to previous years"

S.he has clear ideas about the penalty imposed on Quartararo after Assen Bagnaia ...

"In Qatar I made a mistake similar to Fabio (first race: he stretched himself and Martin, ed) and I received no penalties while Taka did irresponsible driving and had to be sanctioned. I disagree with the penalty imposed on Fabio. However we must take advantage of the fact that he will do a long lap penalty "

On Dovizioso's retirement ...

"I still have to talk to him but I can say that he was one of the most important riders and he has had a fantastic career in Ducati"

A journalist returned to the Ibiza accident asking how he reacted if MotoGP or Ducati sanctioned him but Bagnaia cut it short ...

"The accident in Ibiza was a mistake I made and I admitted my responsibilities on social media by apologizing, but it does not affect the MotoGP championship"

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