MotoGP 2022. UK GP at Silverstone, Pecco Bagnaia: "Track not easy, we need to fix the bike better"

The Ducati rider is 11th, but for a reason: “Due to the crash in FP1, I was unable to mount a soft front in FP2. We are in better shape than last year, even if Quartararo, Aprilia and Suzuki seem very competitive here. We can be too "

August 5, 2022

S.ilverstone - Everything has an explanation, too 11th place from Francesco Bagnaia.

“In the end, however, they were two positive rounds, because I realized that I am not in the front average. In FP1 I crashed with the soft front, which unfortunately tore and therefore I could no longer use. Having a few soft ones available, in the afternoon I had to mount the average and for this reason I was unable to perform a real “time attack”.

This explains, therefore, a performance that is not too exciting. Bagnaia appears calm: there is time to remedy.

“We are way ahead of what we were in 2021 after Friday. I'm not 100% satisfied yet, but this is not an easy track, it takes some time to fix the bike. But the base is not bad "

C.Do you think that tomorrow the times can be lowered?

“I would say yes, because in FP1 I did 1'59” 9 with the soft front and a medium with a few laps at the rear. It is true, however, that we must take a bigger step forward than what the others will have to do "

How do you explain the fall?

“I took the wrong measurements and touched the white line. I remembered that you could get over it without too many problems, but unfortunately it wasn't like that "

The feeling is that the Ducati is less explosive here than on other tracks.

“Aprilia and Quartararo are very strong at Silverstone, but Suzuki is too. Here, however, it is difficult to make big "holes" (understood as gaps, NDA) and we are all shooting stronger than in other years. It will be more complicated, but I think there will be many to be fast "

Bastianini tried some new fins on the tail: will you test them too?

“I was expected to try them in FP1, but the crash changed the plans. Let's see if there will be time in FP3: I'm curious, because Enea, who was in trouble, did a great time after having mounted them "

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