MotoGP 2022. Yamaha doesn't fit: the punishment in Quartararo is unfair and inconsistent!

Lin Jarvis underlines the inconsistency of the judgments of the FIM Steward panel and underlines another thing: this type of penalty is final and all the more reason the decisions must be correct and balanced.

June 29, 2022

Lin Jarvis, CEO of Yamaha Motor Racing and Team Principal of Monster Energy Yamaha, expresses its disappointment at the long lap penalty for the upcoming British Grand Prix, which Fabio Quartararo received from the FIM Stewards panel following the race incident with Aleix Espargaró on lap five of the Assen TT.

Jarvis states: “Fabio Quartararo, the Yamaha MotoGP Team and Yamaha have always fought for fairness and sportiness in MotoGP. We are disappointed to see the inequality with which the penalties are applied by the panel of FIM MotoGP stewards ”.

And Jarvis disagrees for the following reasons, duly listed:

- while Quartararo He admitted of having made a mistake at turn 5 of the TT Assen circuit on lap 5, the team considers it a racing accident. Quartararo has a reputation for being a clean driver with no previous crashes. It was an honest mistake with no malicious intent.

- the team acknowledges that Aleix Espargaró's race was affected by it, but the severity of the impact is just conjecture. The team believes that the FIM Stewards Panel is measuring the severity of race incidents with subjective and inconsistent standards.

L'inconsistency with which the penalties are applied by the panel of FIM MotoGP Stewards during the 2022 season damages the fairness of MotoGP and the trust in the jurisdiction of the Stewards. There have been at least three other serious racing accidents in the MotoGP class (resulting in the riders' withdrawal from the race and / or injuries) going unpunished.

Jarvis concludes:

“We wanted to challenge the decision of the Stewards on Sunday in Assen, but this type of penalty it is not the subject of discussion nor by appeal. We then wanted to raise the question, in principle, with the CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport), but equally such a question cannot be challenged. It is precisely for these reasons that correct, balanced and coherent decisions should be made primarily by the stewards and executed within a correct and reasonable time frame ".


    Quartararo: I won't overtake anymore!

    And Fabio? On social media he published his personal position: thanks panel, it will mean that I will never overtake!

    “Well, in the next race I will have to take a long lap penalty. Now it will not be possible to overtake because they (the Race Direction ed) they will think you are too ambitious. Since the beginning of the championship some drivers have caused RACE ACCIDENTS, but it seems that mine was too dangerous… Congratulations to the stewards for the excellent job you are doing. Next time I will not try to overtake, so as not to risk taking a penalty. Happy holidays and see you in Silverstone ”.

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