Pamper your motorcycle even when you leave it parked -

Theft and damage to their motorcycle or scooter are two of the main reasons why many motorcyclists choose to leave them at home when they have to travel to Atocha. Something that is already part of the past thanks to the opening of the space MimoTo Parking at Puerta de Atocha Station. An exclusive parking for motorcycles designed by motorcyclists, born to meet the needs of those who move on two wheels, with 48 spaces, 2 of them prepared for recharging electric vehicles. This enclosure offers a series of advantages that differentiate it from other spaces with the same function and that allow the user to breathe easy when leaving their motorcycle parked. Among these advantages we find, for example, 24-hour surveillance (with user identification), easy access, individual lockers and XXL seats.

The future of mobility has reached the center of Madrid, specifically at the Atocha Station. This is one of the areas with the highest incidence of robberies of motorcycles and damage (intentional or not) in two-wheeled vehicles, as well as a dense traffic area in which there is also a high percentage of fines for bad parking. These are some of the reasons why many users left their motorcycle parked at home to go to this nerve center of the city, either to travel, to go to the center or to pick up a person who arrives at the station.

Belonging to a network of car parks with a presence in Madrid (C/ Claudio Coello, 120 and C/ Concepción Jerónima, 8, in addition to this new space), Alicante (C/ Pintor Cabrera, 2) and, soon, Barcelona (Carrer de la Ciutat, 5), this car park facilitates trips to the city center and the multimodality of the type of transport vehicle. Thanks to its premium service, with rates adapted to all pockets, motorcycle users can leave their mounts parked with the peace of mind that when they return from their trip, from saying goodbye to a relative at the station or from a night at the theater, the "apple of their eyes" will continue just as they left it. . Safe and sound.

There are multiple reasons that differentiate MimoTo Parking from other types of private car parks, but one of the main differentiating points is its commitment to comfort and safety, thanks to the creation and implementation of technology with artificial intelligence that allows the car park to make its own decisions. These are spaces guarded 24 hours in which each user accesses with a personal and non-transferable code. This translates into the identification of each and every one of the people who access the car park, something that does not happen with other similar establishments.

Likewise, all places are XXL, so it is easy to park any type of motorcycle, even if it has suitcases and/or a top case. In addition, the accesses are at street level, thus eliminating maneuvers, curbs and all kinds of obstacles from the equation that, many times, mean a waste of time, and insecurity, for motorcyclists. As if that were not enough, users can make use of individual lockers with personalized electronic code in which to leave a helmet, jacket or whatever they want, to travel lighter and with the certainty that their belongings, like their mount, are protected. .

MimoTo Parking offers rates adapted to the needs of each individual (hourly rentals, prepaid rates for 24 hours, weekly, only for nights, monthly, etc.) and payment, by linking the bank card to each user account, is completely automatic, saving even more time. As if this were not enough, everyone who makes use of the spaces reserved for electric vehicles is included in the same amount, free of charge, the use of current for the recharging they carry out.

The registration process, via the web, is simple and intuitive, so that anyone can make use of the service, also taking advantage of a first free trial of up to 24 hours. There are no more excuses, on a motorcycle everywhere and without worries.

For more information, visit the Mimoto Parking website and sign up to enjoy this free trial now.

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