Quartararo and Hamilton together. Today on vacation tomorrow on the track?

The two champions together on electric surf in search of adrenaline and fun. An exchange of saddle / steering wheel on the horizon?

August 4, 2022

C.very large with two and four wheels, Lewis Hamilton and Fabio Quartararo do not have only the sponsor in common, but it also looks like the same passions. The two in fact had fun together on the electric surf. Judging from the photos it seems true that the riders can't stay away from the adrenaline even off the track. The two in fact challenged each other on the boards with jumps and "turns" elbow to the ground.

For Hamilton, surfing is not just adrenaline, on the contrary. Traditional surfing, wave surfing, is a decompression angle for him. Several times and in several interviews he has stated that surfing is his greatest passion. The ocean allows him to disconnect from all negative things. In his research Hamilton was led by two big names in surfing Kelly Slater and Kai Lenny.

T.adorning the track and friendship with Quartararo, it is not too remote to see them in the future one in the shoes of the other. Exactly as happened with Valentino Rossi, it cannot be excluded that the sponsor may organize a day with Hamilton in the saddle and Quartararo at the wheel.

On the occasion of the French F1 Grand Prix, the Yamaha driver had published a photo of him lowered into the single-seater and the words "Today I drive". He who knows were not words more prophetic than expected.

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