Rally Albania. Christian Pastori wins. Maremma to the East, in 10 for praise

Rally Albania. 18 editions, a high-level stage and technical system, “school” and amateur participation. The Maremma Dakar Team brings ten Drivers, all to the finish line, and goes to the podium, Ludovico Brezzi son of ...

June 22, 2022

T.Iran, Albania, June 15. There is the constellation of the big ones, the stellar references, the milestones of history, and there is a universe parallel by Rally-Raid. Which has its own important dignity while remaining in the shadow of the spotlight on the VIR (Very Important Rallyes). Many of these have chosen Eastern Europe as the theater of the challenges, Greece, Turkey, Hungary, or Africa, Tunisia Desert Challenge. One of these faces us on the other side of the Adriatic and has a history of 18 editions of experience and satisfaction, the Rally Albania.

It's the Cross-Country 2.0outside the Pro circuits and fights, also and above all economic and power. Result or not, career or leisure, there are Rally that express a value of ever more pertinent relevance. After all, few can legitimately aspire to win, many / all have the rightinstead, to have fun and acquire, live the experience. Many of our pilots took part in Albania today on the breach. The Rally organized by Motorsport Club Albania under the patronage of Albanian Motorcycle Federation it was school, among others, of Paolo Ceci, Jacopo Cerutti, Paolo Lucci. A beautiful school because, incidentally, on the 18 editions half of the victories were obtained by a driver from our home.

M.there is another valence. The plus. Always doing the same Rally does not bring particular additions to the life experience, changing and going in search of new events is, instead, the best way to live the competitive experience and add baggage to the curriculum of the traveler, of the globe trotter. This is not a secondary fact, because traveling is always a source of growth.

C.yes go, discovering Albania. The tele-reports distilled by the participants tell us that Albania is a living country, growing, full of singular and fascinating contrasts. IS a country that travels at two speeds, one projected towards the future and one that remains anchored in the past. This is reflected in cities and in everyday life. The old cities (perhaps protected by Unesco, see Girocastro, Berat), with their historic buildings and horse-drawn carriages, and the new cities with the new buildings and super cars. The landscape is varied, incredibly varied. Very nice. It starts from the sea and reaches the mountains in continuous ups and downs, horizon lines and stupendous scenarios. Each curve opens to a new perspective and another breathtaking view. People seem grumpy, but they are always ready to listen and go out of their way to help you. Where do you find, today, one who leaves Tirana at the end of the day, travels almost 400km and reaches you in the middle of the mountains, on the North East border to bring you a starter of a scooter from which to extract the magnets to be reassembled adapted to a racing Beta? How many times have I heard the pilot ask: "Do you have the spare part? No. Then I'm sorry, the race is over, we have to load the bike". In Albania it is difficult for things like this to happen, everything is possible and the Beta, small hours of intense mechanical work and genius, starts again at dawn. The generosity of the spontaneous consultancy group won again. But there would be more to tell. Like that time when, to repair a "hole" in the water pump casing, I saw intervention starting from a can of gin and tonic ...

Lo starting point to talk about the Rally was the official (but private) communication of the Maremma Dakar teama kind of complaint about our lack of interest 😊 disguised as a Team Principal missive Piero Picchi. With Piero, Valdimiro Brezzi and the "boys" of Maremma we went on a trip with Coach of the initiative TesoroBus of Maremma Dakar (you see). Nice story, so we gladly resume theirs offended memorandum.

6 Stages in seven days1,800 kilometers of Race from Durres to Tirana. A caravan of 300 people from 22 countries. The result is about sixty classified (plus the Quads, plus the Cars), about a third of which are Italian. Of this third well 10 are Maremma Dakar drivers. More than a participation it would be called an onslaught of organized conquest. And of course that's not enough, because it's always good to take the result home. The quality is represented by the fact that all ten are "Finishers", Ludovico and Valdimiro brezzi, Alberto Carlini, Guido Cusumano, Roberto Frosolini, Luca Grechi, Guido Mencarelli, Andrea Miserocchi, Alfredo Procaccini, Davice Stefanucci, the quantity is translated into result of Ludovico Brezzison of Valdimiro's art, third overall. And how is the podium completed? Italian style, of course: first Christian Pastoriwhich reaches Cosentino with 4 victories, with a Husqvarna, according to Andrea Cosentino, KTM, third, in fact, Ludovico Brezzi, official Beta Maremma Dakar.

Andcco, that would be all. Except that it remains to browse the image gallery of Alessio Corradinia great enthusiast of Rally-Raid reports and exploration and (always) very good.

© Images Alessio Corradini

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