Rossi, Lorenzo, Dovizioso and the great failures in MotoGP

With Yamaha he was convinced he could get to the title, but he never even entered the top ten. So Andrea Dovizioso said enough and decided not to finish the season either: he will race his last GP in Misano. He is certainly not the first rider to be shipwrecked by changing bikes: here are the most sensational episodes of MotoGP

August 4, 2022

S.ilverstone - He dreamed of winning the title, but with the Yamaha M1 he suffered so much that he even decided to finish the season with six races to spare.

A total failure that of Andrea Dovizioso, which took 11th place as the best result. It is certainly not the first time this has happened - and it will not be the last - but what happened to Dovi is quite sensationalas was the failure of Valentino Rossi when he moved from Yamaha to Ducatior that of Jorge Lorenzo from Yamaha to Ducati and then from Ducati to Honda.

Let's go over the most striking ones, referring only to the MotoGP, which took over from the 500 starting from 2002, following the chronological order of events.


    2005: Bayliss from Ducati to Honda

    T.roy Bayliss made his MotoGP debut in 2003 with Ducati: at the first race in Japan, at Suzuka, he is fifth, at the third race, at Jerez, he gets on the podium, he closes the season in sixth place overall with 128 points, only 49 less than his teammate, Loris Capirossi.

    In total he climbs on the podium three times, always on the third step. In 2004the Ducati DesmosediciGP is no longer so competitive: Bayliss gets only one podium and ends 14th in the standings, with Capirossi ninth: Loris also gets only one podium. Australian champion decide to switch to the Honda of the Pons teambut after a more than promising start, sixth in Jerez, it never gets in tune with the bikeso much so that at the end of the year he returns to SBK with Ducati.

    2008: Melandri from Honda to Ducati

    M.arco Melandri runs for three years with Honda - from 2005 to 2007 - getting five wins, five second places, seven third places, finishing second behind Rossi in the overall standings in 2005. But he dreams of Ducati, with which he is convinced he can reach the title. The thought of him is that of all the fans: “If Stoner is so fast with that bike, I can do it too”. Unfortunately for Marco this is not the case: while his teammate wins races and the world championship is played with Rossi, he disputes only one convincing GP, fifth in China. He is so exasperated that, despite a two-year contract, he decides to leave Ducati at the end of 2008, giving up several million euros.

    2011: Rossi from Yamaha to Ducati

    D.fter 46 (!) wins, 24 second places, 14 third places, 4 world titles in seven years, Valentino Rossi leaves Yamaha for Ducati, who in the last race of 2010 won second place in Valencia with Casey Stoner. But VR46 struggles immediately, from the first test, e in two years with the red he gets only three podiums, two seconds and a third place. The only consolation: in the general classification he is the best placed Ducati rider. Too little for a phenomenon accustomed to winning everything, so much so that he is contemplating retirement. He returns to Yamaha in 2013 (replaced by Andrea Dovizioso in Ducati) after two seasons which it is right to define as bankruptcies.

    2013: Spies from Yamaha to Ducati

    Un another rider in great difficulty moving from Yamaha to Ducati, even if, in truth, Ben Spies is already on the wane when he joins the Pramac team. SBK world champion at his debut in 2009, Spies arrives in the world full-time in 2010 as the new phenomenon of the American school, but the difficulties are greater than the satisfactions. In any case, with the Yamaha satellite he gets a second and a third place, to then move to the official team in 2011, in place of VR46: he wins in the Netherlands, he is a good fifth at the end of the season. In 2013 he moved to Ducati to make room for Rossi, but he got hurt and in “his of him” Indianapolis announced his retirement.

    2017: Lorenzo from Yamaha to Ducati

    C.on Yamaha wins 44 GPs, won 110 podiums and three world titles, somehow forcing Valentino Rossi to leave the M1. In short, Jorgies Lorenzo with the M1 is phenomenal and Ducati hires him to finally get to the world title. But Lorenzo's 2017 is disastrousbeyond a second and two third places: while his teammate, Andrea Dovizioso, is playing the championship with Marc Marquez, he closes the season in seventh place, with 124 points less than Dovi. The difficulties also continue in 2018 until the Mugello GP, when the turning point arrives. But it's too late.

    2019: Lorenzo from Ducati to Honda

    TOncora Lorenzo protagonist of a failure, this time even sensational: with Honda-HRC, alongside Marc Marquez, he never reaches the top ten, obtaining an 11th place as best result, while his teammate never does worse than second when he reaches the finish line. AND' the end of Jorge's career.

    2019: Zarco from Yamaha to KTM

    D.fter two consecutive titles in Moto2, Johann Zarco arrives in MotoGP with Yamaha of the Tech3 satellite team. And he goes fast, getting two seconds and a third place, ending the debut season in sixth position. He is also sixth in 2018, when he wins another two seconds and a third place. At the end of the year, he decides to switch to KTM, where, however, he finds great difficulties, so much so that he is almost always the last of the riders at the finish line with the Austrian bike. He too comes to the break of the contract during the current season: despite a signed two-year agreement, 2019 does not end either.

    2021: Petrucci from Ducati to KTM

    Lhe Austrian motorcycle also puts Danilo Petrucci in great difficultywinner of two GPs with Ducati, one in the dry in 2019 and one in the wet in 2020. Expectations are high, but mediocre resultsapart from a couple of races: Danilo is forced to leave MotoGP at the end of the season.

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