SBK 2022. GP of Portugal, Rea and Razgatlioglu make a fairing. Bautista wins [VIDEO]

The Spaniard never falls off the podium and takes home the third victory out of nine races, thanks also to the suicidal tactics of Rea and Razgatlioglu. Well Locatelli, bad Rinaldi and Bassani

May 22, 2022

Lthe first day of competition at Estoril confirmed what had already been seen in the two previous rounds of Aragon and Assen. While Rea and Razgatlioglu flex their muscles and do a fairing in order not to give anything to each other, Bautista shows his brain, makes no mistake, and increases his advantage in a ranking that sees him in front of everyone with 27 points more than Jonny and 50 more than Toprak. If the points that the young Turk needs to recover seem few to you, think that in 2019, when it seemed that Alvaro and Ducati had already won the world championship, their maximum advantage was 60 points.

No.In today's race, the two world champions, instead of pulling each other off to break away from their opponents, and then fighting for the victory in the final laps, did everything to favor the return of Bautista, who in the first laps had to contend with a tough Andrea Locatelli . "After passing Locatelli - declared Alvaro - third place could have been fine with me, but at a certain point I found myself behind the first two and then, when Rea made a mistake, I saw that Toprak was close". His experience and the generous engine of the Panigale V4 took care of the rest, which has few rivals (perhaps none) in terms of raw power, but apparently the Bautista / Ducati combination scares everyone except Rea and Razgatlioglu.

Behind the three protagonists of this 2022 championship is Mr. Quarto posto Locatelli, the "least distant" from the magnificent three and the most constant, as confirmed by his ranking which sees him fourth, 66 points behind the Ducati leader.

THEker Lecuona and his teammate, have brought back the smile in the HRC box, and compared to last season the Fireblade permanently occupies a much higher area of ​​the standings, both in the race and in the championship.

The two disappointments in race 1 are called Michael Ruben Rinaldi and Axel Bassani, who ride a Ducati, but have never shown that they can exploit its potential. Let's hope it's just an accident and that tomorrow they'll prove us wrong.

Thinking about the next two Portuguese races, the forecasts speak of rain for the Superpole Race and sunshine for race 2. We'll see. Certainly there will be two other races not to be missed.

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