SBK 2022, the rescue of Razgatlioglu at Marquez [VIDEO]

The finish of the Superpole Race had already seen him on the ground, but Toprak recovered an incredible closure of the front end. "I always train to make up for the loss of grip with specific exercises"

May 23, 2022

Un'exemporary investigation of corners less appreciated by all pilots would almost certainly see the Gancho, better known by us as "corkscrew uphill", constantly among the first answers. A slow left-hander from before, inserted a posteriori to slow down the arrival at the very fast (and instead delicious) Senna, followed by an equally slow and cumbersome change of direction, in which the "anterior" are quite frequent even in optimal conditions , let alone when - as in the Superpole race on Sunday - the asphalt is wet.

This is where Toprak Razgatliogluwho in the last lap of the sprint race had gained some margin on Jonathan Rea, performed a rescue in extremis. Closed steering, bike practically already on the ground, but thanks to a push on the elbow and knee the world champion was able to recover that handful of degrees sufficient to regain grip on his YZF-R1 and save himself from a slip.

A number similar to that rescue that has now become a trademark of Marc Marquez (who returned to show them in Jerez) and to which the Turk explicitly said to be inspired by the specific training together with Kenan Sofuoglu. “With Kenan we train on his kart track, it's a small track where I always lose the front! But this time the bike was a little heavier! I always look at Marc Marquez, it's the same style! I remember that in 2020 in Jerez I tried to keep the bike up but I didn't make it and so I crashed. Today I said to myself 'I have to keep it up!' I'm really happy, we bring home some good points and a second place is better than a crash. It was a strange weekend ... "

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