The 200 Miglia di Imola, the Mobile Clinic, the Dottorcosta [PODCAST]

A race never seen before and an unprecedented way to rescue injured drivers on the track

May 22, 2022

ORToday we are talking about the 200 miles of Imola and the Clinica Mobile: I am the zam, this is the 68th episode of #atuttogas, the Sunday podcast of

Fifty years ago, in 1972, Checco Costa took the Daytona 200 to Italy, a race never seen before in our country, a challenge between European and American drivers. Creepy. And it was indeed during that extraordinary event, which the son of Checco Costa, Claudio Marcello Costa, for all Dr. Costa, invented an emergency room on the track centered on the figure of the resuscitator, which revolutionized the way to help injured pilots. From then on, the Mobile Clinic became an essential, fundamental, indispensable part of the world championship, with Dr. Costa able to mix medicine with psychology in the best possible way, for constant help and in all respects to the heroes of motorcycling, such as likes to call them the luminary of Imola. On 25 May, at 11 am, at the Checco Costa museum of the Enzo & Dino Ferrari racetrack, the 50th anniversary of those two brilliant intuitions will be celebrated. And the guest of the 68th episode of #atuttogas could only be him, the great #dottorcosta.

#atuttogas is back next Sunday: another episode to be listened to, even on the main podcast platforms.

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