The first BAJAJ-TRIUMPH is already testing -

The association between Bajaj and Triumph has been a fairly frequent news. A few weeks ago they came to light the first images of a test model and now the companions of rush lane new photos were released in this case the scrambler version.

This prototype was developed by Triumph's R&D department in the UK, while it will be manufactured by Bajaj in India. In the images filtered by Powerdrift, an Indian company dedicated to filtering photos and videos related to the motor world, we can see that on this occasion the test unit is loaded to the max -possibly to know its load capacity-.

However, What displacement will this new engine be? Everything indicates that it will be 350cc, as there will be two versions (one 200-250cc and one 350-400) and this is the larger of the two. As for the cargo mentioned above, she is seen using luggage carrier on the tank, on the rear seat plus a saddlebag on the left side. In case everything is full, not bad for a scrambler model.

As for the details of this new low displacement Triumph, if we look at the alloy wheels, fat inverted forks and handcrafted headlight brackets, In addition to including the all-LED lightingthe sculptured metal tank, the sewn seat , a full display and the exhaust built in by Triumph, there are no accessories that look cheap or shoddy. And we must remember that it is still a test bike: that is, it is not the definitive model that will go into production.

It is now confirmed that the rims are 17-inch wheels with 110/70 and 150/60 front and rear tires. respectively. In addition, it is clearly seen that the hunted prototype mounts generous cuff covers typical of trail-cut motorcycles.

In general terms, the roadster styling of this model is confused by its clever combination of multiple influences from across the existing Triumph range. The shape of the chrome-plated tank and filler cap, the engine with its blacked-out cases and exposed fin details, the tubular frame, the round fork-mounted headlight and the one-piece stitched seat are clear design winks that make it similar to the Bonnevillewhich has so many fans inside and outside the UK.

About the collaboration between Bajaj and the British icon, Steve Sargent, one of Triumph's product managers, confessed to the specialized site MCN that "it is one of the great areas in Triumph today. What we're trying to do is expand the range into areas where our brand hasn't historically been, giving new people an opportunity to get to know the brand.".

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