This is the first electric Kawasaki -

A few hours ago, Kawasaki offered a small preview of a promised first electric motorcycle. First seen in action at the Suzuka 8 Hours, the EV model was the focus of a lengthy speech by Kawasaki Motors Europe Managing Director Masaya Tsuruno.

Referring to the commitment of Hiroshi Ito, President of Kawasaki Motors, to introduce at least three electric vehicles worldwide by 2022, Tsuruno stressed that the prototype presented will form the basis of a future series production motorcycle.

While underscoring Kawasaki's continued commitment to internal combustion engines, Tsuruno added that both e-fuel and bio-fuel were among the options being consideredin addition to the already much discussed research on hydrogen as a possible neutral option in terms of carbon emissions.

With his undoubted enormous internal resources and experience, Kawasaki is well placed to play a significant role in the evolution of transportation through new well as a great history of innovation in internal combustion engines.

And as Tsuruno explained, the company is active in partnerships that are not limited to the world of two wheels, but span both automotive and other future-oriented technologies, commenting that: "We are highly motivated and strongly connected and will continue our research and development."

Finally, Masaya Tsuruno revealed that the company is committed to further strengthening the Kawasaki brand, offering products and services that meet customer needsto continue research on carbon neutrality and to explore all opportunities.

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