with the heat of this summer you can suffer a lot in winter

After the heat waves experienced this past summer, the thermal change with the arrival of the cold increases the chances of suffering a battery failure.

After a brief respite in early fall, the extreme heat of last summer has given way to cold. East shock thermal takes its toll on batteries, causing these to suffer more failures than in normal years. In fact, 12-volt batteries (common in motorcycles and cars) are responsible for almost half of vehicle breakdowns. It is for this same reason that Clarios, the company behind the Varta battery brand, recommends checking the condition of the battery before the cold sets in.

It does not matter that the past winters have been mild in terms of temperatures, since at this time the motorcycle is used much less and some even choose to leave it parked for a season. This causes the battery discharge and lose voltage, causing the motorcycle not to start in the worst case. But, with the summer that we have had, with some extremely hot days in which the wear on the battery is more pronounced, the cold will affect the battery itself in a more decisive way, since starting it requires more work.

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As we already told you in our specific article, the best thing you can do if you are going to leave the motorcycle stationary for a while is remove or disconnect the battery. In addition, you have to leave it clean, make sure to leave the terminals greased and periodically check its charge level. This same process is also valid for you to ensure the correct operation of the battery if you are going to take the motorcycle during the winter season.

However, if we suspect that the battery is not going through its best moment (or we want to make sure that it is in perfect condition) and also the circumstance that we do not have experience when changing it comes together, It is best to go to a specialized workshop. In fact, Varta partner workshops offer this service free of charge. These professionals have the experience necessary to replace the battery quickly and safely. On the other hand, they ensure that the battery is returned to the recycling cycle and thus has the least possible impact on the environment.

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